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How to Activate Autopilot Tesla



Autopilot is the driver-assist feature that helps the drivers navigate and pilot their vehicles. Autopilot offers new features and improves existing functionality to make your Telsa safer and more capable over time. While Autopilot is enabled on your car, the drivers do not need to do anything. When you activate Autopilot mode in your Tesla car, it will monitor the vehicles around your car, road conditions, and whatever comes on the way. But still, the driver has to pay attention to the Autopilot and follow the instructions given by Autopilot.

Steps to Activate Autopilot on Tesla

The methods to activate Autopilot on Tesla depend on the Tesla model you have. Before you enable Autopilot using the stalks, enable it on your car settings. From the Settings menu, you can also activate the Tesla Light Show.

How to Activate Autopilot Tesla in Settings

1. Shift your car into PARK.

2. Click the Controls option.

3. Select Autopilot from the controls section.

4. Tap Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control.

5. Finally, turn on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control or Autosteer.

enable Autosteer on Autopilot

How to Activate Autopilot on Tesla Model S and Model X

You need to switch on the cruise control by pulling down the Cruise Control Stalk to start Autopilot on the Model S and X.

pull the cruise control stalk to activate Autopilot Tesla

Activate Autopilot on Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

If you want to activate Autopilot on Model 3 and Y, you need to pull down the Selector Stalk.

pull down the selector stalk to activate Autopilot Tesla

How to Activate Full Autopilot Features in Tesla

The self-driving Autopilot features like Autosteer, Navigate on Autopilot, and Summon are disabled by default. So you need to navigate to the Autopilot Controls menu and enable the features on your car.

activate full self-driving features on Tesla

Navigate on Autopilot

The Navigate on Autopilot feature helps the drivers to reach the destination by suggesting you change the lanes, highway interchanges, and take exits. To activate, go to Settings > select Controls > tap Autopilot> Choose Autosteer> click Navigate on Autopilot.

Auto Lane Change

The Auto lane change will initiate the lane change automatically. To activate Auto lane change, go to Settings > Controls > Autopilot > Customize Navigate on Autopilot > Swipe the toggle near Lane Change Confirmation to activate Auto Lane Change.

press the start button to activate Autopark


When your car finds the parking spot, a P icon will appear on the left or right side of the instrument panel. To activate Autopark, press the brake and change the gear selector to reverse. Now, tap Start Autopark, which appears on the screen, and release the brake.


To activate Summon on Tesla, open the Tesla app and press the Summon button. Next, press the Forward or Reverse buttons. If you use the Tesla Model S or X, you can enable Summon by pressing the Center of the key fob till the hazard light flashes. Then, press the Trunk buttons on the key fob to activate Summon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Autopilot feature in Tesla free?

Only the recent Tesla models come with the Standard autopilot mode. For the older models, you need to purchase the Autopilot packages. The Autopilot price is $2,000 and full self-driving capability is $10,000 in the United States.

2. Can you add Autopilot to a used Tesla car?

Yes, those who bought their cars without Autopilot can purchase any of the two packages to activate Autopilot on your Tesla car.

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