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How to Activate Nintendo eShop Card



Activate Nintendo eShop Card

The eShop card is the perfect gift for anyone who loves games. You can purchase the eShop card and send it to your friend as a gift. Nintendo eShop card comes at reasonable prices of $10,$20,$35, and $50 so that anybody can purchase them. You can select your favorite game from 1000 new classic games and it is directly delivered to your Nintendo Switch through email within four hours. So go on with this guide to learn how to activate the Nintendo eShop card.

You can activate the Nintendo eShop card in two ways. One is through the computer and the other one on your Nintendo Switch console itself.

How to Activate Nintendo eShop Card Through PC

1. Visit the Nintendo Switch official site using a web browser.

2. Sign in with your Nintendo Switch credentials.

sign in to Nintendo to Activate Nintendo eShop card

3. Enter the 16 digit activation code in the given field.

4. Type your password for verification and click the OK button to redeem your eShop card.

enter your password again for the confirmation

5. When it is redeemed, you will get the confirmation mail.

How to Activate Nintendo eShop Card Using Console

1. First, turn on your Nintendo Switch console by pressing the Power button on the console.

2. Navigate to the Nintendo eShop from the console menu.

navigate to Nintendo eShop

3. Select Redeem code from the left side of the eShop menu.

enter the activation code to Activate Nintendo eShop card

4. Enter the 16 digit activation code you received.

5. Now, the eShop card will be activated on Switch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scan a Nintendo eShop card on Switch?

Yes, you can scan the QR code on the Nintendo eShop card on Switch.

Where is the 16 digit code available on the Nintendo eShop card?

The 16 digit activation code is available on the backside of the Nintendo eShop card.

What are the streaming apps available on the Nintendo Switch?

You can install and activate YouTube and Hulu on Nintendo Switch consoles.

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