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How to Activate ActiveX on Google Chrome



How to Activate ActiveX on Chrome

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  • On Chrome – Launch the Chrome → Hit Menu → Choose Settings → Select Advanced → Go to System Setting → Tap Open Proxy Setting → Launch Security tab → Choose Custom option → Enable the option → tap Ok.
  • Via Chrome Extension – Download IET Extension Menu More ToolsExtensions → Plugin download folder → Drag the Plugin → Tap Add.
  • Via Mozilla Firefox – Launch the browser → search for ActiveX → Install Plug-ins → Open Mozilla Firefox → Choose Tools → Select Ad-ons → Hit Plugins.

ActiveX is a software designed by Microsoft that allows software apps to share information and functionality. It is used to create customized and distributed applications. By default, ActiveX only works on certain apps that were made by Microsoft, including Internet Explorer, PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and more. However, now you can enable ActiveX on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are two ways to activate ActiveX on Google Chrome, the first method is using Chrome Browser, and the other is through Extensions.

How to Activate ActiveX on Chrome Browser

1. Launch your Chrome Browser and tap the Menu options.

  • Click on the Three dots or Menu icon on the Chrome browser.
Hit Menu

2. Choose Settings and hit the Advanced option at the bottom of the page.

Choose Settings to activate ActiveX on Chrome

3. Now, navigate to the System section and tap Open Proxy Settings. You will see a new pop-up window on your screen.

Hit Open Proxy Settings

Note: If you want to activate ActiveX in Windows Settings, launch the Control Panel and tap the Network and Sharing option. Then Choose the Internet option instead of these and follow the below steps.

4. Select the Security tab at the top of the window screen and tap the Custom level option.

5. Scroll down and check whether Run ActiveX controls and Plug-ins, Download signed ActiveX controls, Run antimalware software on ActiveX controls are enabled.

6. Click the Ok button to proceed and restart your computer to save the changes you made.

Tap Ok  to activate ActiveX on Chrome

Note: Check out the guidelines on how to Activate Flash on Chrome in two different ways.

How to Activate ActiveX via Chrome Extension

Now, by adding Chrome extensions, you need to activate ActiveX.

1. First, download and install the IE Tab Chrome extension.

2. Tap the Google Chrome menu that looks like three horizontal lines, vertical lines, or dots.

3. Choose the More Tools option and hit Extension at the top right corner of the Chrome page.

4. Navigate to the folder where you download the plug-in.

5. Just drag the Plugin to the Extensions page.

6. Finally, a list of permissions will display on your screen, tap Add option.

Note: After completing the process, restart your Google Chrome Browser.

How to Activate ActiveX on Mozilla Firefox

1. Launch your Firefox browsers and search for ActiveX to download.

2. After downloading, install the Plug-in by tapping on its icon and following the instruction.

3. Open Mozilla Firefox and navigate to the Tools to verify that plugin has been installed.

4. Choose Add-ons and tap the Plug-ins option in the left side corner of the screen.

Choose Add-ons

5. Finally, you will see ActiveX listed as a plug-in.

How to Fix ActiveX Not Working Issue

When ActiveX fails to work, you should follow the steps below to fix it up.

  • 1. Launch the Internet Explorer > select Tools.
  • 2. Click on Manage Add-ons > select Show on the drop-down box.
  • 3. Choose Downloaded controls > select the ActiveX control.


Name some of the alternatives for ActiveX on Chrome?

Cross-browser, Microsoft Edge, NPAPI, Firebreath, and more are the alternatives for ActiveX in Chrome.

Can I use ActiveX on Mac?

Yes. You can use ActiveX on your Mac browser.

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