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How to Activate CIBC Credit Card [3 Methods]



Activate CIBC Credit Card

Generally, we get credit cards from the banks where we have an account. Before approving, they check for the users’ credit scores and transaction history. However, the CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) offers a better option to apply for and activate their credit card. It offers plenty of benefits to its users, including cash back, rewards, discounts, and more. CIBC also offers different credit cards with lower interest rates, so to enjoy these benefits, we need to activate the CIBC credit card as we receive it.

The CIBC credit card can be activated online, through mobile banking, or via phone. Once the card is active, you can use it for in-store or online purchases.

How to Activate CIBC Credit Card Online

[1]. Open the default web browser and navigate to the CIBC’s official website on any device, including Windows or Mac.

CIBC Official website home page

[2]. Navigate to the My Accounts tab and click on the Credit section from the drop-down.

[3]. Click on the Activate Card option and follow the on-screen instructions.

[4] . Fill in the Card details, expiry date, and the three-digit security code on the back of the card.

Enter Card details Activate CIBC Credit Card

[5]. Finally, click on the Activate MY CIBC Credit Card option, and the card will be active in a few minutes.

How to Activate CIBC Credit Card Using Mobile Banking

[1]. If you do not have a desktop, you can still activate the card using the CIBC mobile banking application available for iOS and Android devices.

[2]. Download and install the application and click on the Sign in option.

Sign In option on CIBC Mobile Banking app

[3]. Click on the Activate Card option in the application’s main menu.

[4]. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the necessary details to activate the card.

[5]. By doing so, the card will be active and ready to use for purchases.

How to Activate CIBC Credit Card Via Phone Number

The CIBC bank also allows the users to activate the card by reaching out to their customer support team.

[1]. Dail 1-800-465-4653 (for North America) and 1-514-861-4653 (for another region) from any phone.

[2]. Follow the IVR and navigate to reach out to the support executive.

[3]. Provide all the necessary personal details to verify the account and the card details, including card number, address, date of birth, and more.

[4]. Now, the card will be activated in a few minutes.

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How to pay CIBC credit card from the CIBC account?

Click on the Bill Payment option and select the Add Payee option. Next, locate the name or number of the card. Provide the Account number of the bill and enter the verification code. Now, click on the Pay this bill option and enter the amount to be paid.

Does CIBC have a prepaid VISA credit card?

The prepaid VISA is a debit card that allows users to load money before using it.

How often does CIBC increase the credit limit?

The Credit limit would be increased based on an individual’s credit scores, commonly done once every 4-6 months.

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