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How to Install & Activate CTV on Your Device



CTV Activate

There are many streaming platforms available to watch on-demand content and live TV channels in Canada. One of the most unique and popular streaming platforms is CTV, also known as Canadian TV. Unlike other streaming platforms, CTV doesn’t have subscription plans. You must have a Cable TV Provider subscription to access the content. If you have installed CTV on your device, remember to activate it before streaming the content.

How to Activate CTV on Any Device

Activating CTV is almost similar on smartphone/PC/Smart TV/Streaming devices.

1. Open the CTV application once you have installed it.

2. Navigate and select Sign In under Account Management.

3. An activation code will appear on the screen.

4. Now, launch the default browser and visit the activation site:

CTV activation site

5. Choose the desired TV provider and click on it. Even you can search for the TV provider in the text box.

6. Login to the TV provider using the credentials and enter the activation code.

7. Once verified, the screen refreshes, and you can stream your favorite content.

How to Install CTV on Your Device

The steps to install the CTV application vary depending on the device.


1. On the Home screen, select Streaming Channels.

2. Select Search Channels under Streaming Channels.

3. Search for CTV using the on-screen keyboard.

CTV on Roku

4. Once you have found it, select Add Channel, and it will be added to your Roku device.

Xbox One

1. Turn on your Xbox gaming console and navigate to Store.

CTV on Xbox

2. Under Categories, select Apps.

3. Select Search Apps and search for CTV.

4. Further, choose the desired app from the search results and select Install.

Samsung Smart TV

1. First, connect your Samsung Smart TV to the WiFi.

2. Press Home or Smart Hub on the remote to get the Home screen.

3. Select AppsSearch → Type CTV.

CTV on Samsung Smart TV

4. Finally, select the app and install it on your Smart TV.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. On the Home screen of the Firestick, select FindSearch.

CTV on Firestick

2. Enter CTV using the on-screen keyboard or search the app using Voice control.

3. Select Download/Get to install the app.

Apple TV

1. First, launch the Home screen and select App Store.

App Store on Apple TV

2. Select Search (Lens icon) and find CTV.

3. Choose the app from the search results.

4. Lastly, select Get to install the CTV application.

Android TV

1. Turn on your Smart TV and press Home.

2. Select Apps → Navigate to Play Store.

Android TV Play Store

3. Enter CTV on the search field.

4. Select the app from the search results and install it on your Android TV.

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1. Is CTV available in the US?

No. Unfortunately CTV is a geo-restricted platform, and it is available only to users in Canada. To stream CTV outside Canada, you can use VPNs to watch your favorite show.

2. Why CTV is not working?

CTV might not work if the app is incompatible or due to the poor internet connection. Therefore, check the internet speed and restart the router. You can even restart or update the app to fix the issue.

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