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How to Activate OK Google [Google Voice Assistant]



How to Activate OK Google

Google voice assistant is one of the must-have things on our smartphones. Just like Siri on Apple devices, Google always enthralls you with its answers to all your queries. But if you haven’t enabled Google Voice Assistant on your smartphone, you are at the right place. Activate OK Google on your smartphone and complete your basic tasks with voice commands.

How to Activate OK Google [Android]

[1] Open the Google app on your phone and then head to your Profile.

click profile

[2] Go to the Settings and tap on it.

select settings

[3] Scroll down and select Voice at the bottom of the Settings page.

choose voice section to activate ok google

[4] Choose Voice Match from the Voice menu.

select voice match

[5] On the Hey Google & Voice Match page, turn on the Hey Google option.

toggle on hey google this phone tab

How to Activate OK Google [iPhone]

[1] Launch the Google app on iPhone, and tap on the Profile icon.

click on the profile icon

[2] Select Settings and go to Voice Search and tap on it.

select voice search

[3] Toggle on the OK Google hotword option.

toggle on and tap done on voice search

[4] Tap Done at the top right corner of the page, now you’re all set to use Google voice assistant on your iPhone.

Some Common Google Voice Assistant Commands

  • Open Google Account Settings.
  • Set the alarm for every Thursday morning at 7 am.
  • Call mom.
  • Text Anita that I’m on the way.

Icons in Google Voice Assistant

Google assistant micThis mic depicts inactive or idle mode.
Google lensThis is the Google Lens used for scanning codes and translating the text.
Google notification A quick notification about your day, calendar, reminders, and news.
Google assiatnt keypadUse this icon to type your queries.
priority list of tasks This shows the most important action or task that needs to take place next.
active mode of Google assistantThis icon appears when the Google assistant is listening to you.


1. Can Google Assistant unlock my phone?

No, Google Assistant can’t unlock your phone. This feature was available on the older versions, now, it has been removed.

2. What do you have to say to activate Google Assistant?

You can say, Hey Google, to activate the voice assistant.

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