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How to Activate Touchpad on Laptop



How to Activate Touchpad on Laptop

The Touchpad on the laptop is used to navigate on the screen instead of using a mouse. So, Touchpad on a laptop is known as the built-in mouse. Nowadays, most laptops have a Precision Touchpad that is used to navigate through the apps easily using your finger gestures and touchpad commands. Sometimes you might have disabled the Touchpad accidentally in the Settings menu. So read this article completely to learn more on how to activate Touchpad on your laptop.

How to Enable Touchpad on Windows Laptop

The steps mentioned here are based on the latest version of Windows. Make sure that you have the latest version of Windows.

1. Initially, turn on your laptop.

2. Tap the Start menu icon.

3. Navigate to Settings on your laptop.

4. Select Devices from the settings menu.

5. Click the Touchpad option on the Devices section.

6. Swipe the toggle under Touchpad to activate the Touchpad on your laptop.

swipe the toggle to activate touchpad

7. If you also change other settings like cursor speed, sensitivity, and so on.

How to Use Touchpad on Laptop

1. Keep your finger on the center of the Touchpad to navigate on your Windows.

2. As you navigate the cursor on the Windows laptop will move on the screen.

3. If you want select something on the screen, press the left button down the touchpad.

4. Tap twice to double-click on the touchpad.

5. If you want to right-click on a folder or file, press the button on the right of the touchpad.

6. To drag a file or folder hold the left-click button with one finger and drag on the Touchpad using another finger.

You can use the above steps to activate Touchpad on any brand of Windows laptop like ASUS, Toshiba, DELL, Lenovo, and more.

How to Activate Touchpad on Mac Laptops

1. Click the Apple icon and tap the System Preferences option.

How to Activate Touchpad on Laptop

2. Navigate to the Pointer Control option and tap on it.

3. Untick the Ignore built-in trackpad option. This will enable the touchpad on your Mac laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to activate the Touchpad on a Dell laptop using the keyboard?

Press and hold the Windows button and hit the Q key. Type main cpl in the search bar and select main. Next, click the Dell Touchpad tab and select the figure of the Touchpad. Swipe the toggle to activate the Touchpad on your dell laptop.

2. How to enable the Touchpad on Windows 10 Lenovo laptop?

Navigate to the Windows setting and search for the Touchpad option. After you open the Touchpad section, hit the spacebar key on the keyboard to activate the touchpad.

3. How to activate the touchpad on a Chromebook?

Go to the Settings menu and choose the Device option. Select the Touchpad icon and turn on the toggle.

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