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How to Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail



Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

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  • Via Google Account Page– Launch your Gmail → navigate to the two-step verification pageGet Started button → Choose your device → Choose any one option → Turn on two-step verification.

Gmail is a free web-based service by Google used for communication purposes. It allows you to send and receive emails through the internet. Nowadays, many accounts are hacked by third parties. If you want to use your Gmail safely and for security purposes, you can activate the two-step verification option on Gmail. Like activating Google Workspace, Two-step verification is a feature that increases security purposes for your account. So, you can activate your Gmail by following these simple steps.

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How to Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

1. From a browser, navigate to the Google 2-step verification page (

Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

2. Once you Sign in to your Google account or have already signed in, then you will be taken to the next page to proceed, and then tap the Get Started button at the bottom of the screen.

  • If you’re not logged in to your Google account, it is mandatory to Sign into your account.

4. Now, you will see your device that is available to receive the verification code.

5. After that, you will have three options regarding how your 2- step verification works.

Option 1

1. You can select to get a notification prompt from Google on your phone. When you see the Google Verification notification, click it to read the text and Sign in.

2. If this is your preferred option, scroll down and hit the Continue option.

3. On the next column, add your phone number as a backup option because in case you can’t access your Google notification

Enter phone number to activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

4. Then, hit the Send button to receive your code. Enter the code you received and tap the Next option.

5. Once your backup number is confirmed, you will be taken to the page where you must fill in all the confirmed details and tap the Turn On option.

To Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail hit Turn on option

Note: After activating two-step verification, you will be taken to the confirmation page. You can adjust or edit your verification settings as you wish.

Tip: You shall get to know How to Activate Google Authenticator using Mobile.

Option 2

1. You can also receive code using text messages or voicemail from Google instead of notification. If you want to use this method, tap the Show More options and hit the Text messages or voice call option.

Choose Security Key

2. Now, on the next screen, input your phone number to receive verification codes and choose where you want to get them through message or phone call.

3. Then, enter the unique code you received from Google via phone call or message.

4. Further, hit the Next option to proceed and check the page once before activating the verification.

5. Finally, tap the Turn on button to enable the two-step verification.

Hit Turn on option to activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

Option 3

1. If you wish to take additional security measures using the Security Key, choose Show More Options before selecting Security Key.

2. After choosing this option, this will take you to the page where you can set up advanced 2-step verification, including physical keys like a fingerprint.

  • Compared to traditional text messages, voice calls, or notifications, 2-Step verification will require more work. Only some people will need this kind of security, not all.
 Activate Two-Step Verification on Gmail

3. If this advanced security is mandatory for your protection, you can consult with IT professionals and Google representatives to search best security key for you.


How to Turn off two-step verification in Gmail on Android?

To turn off two-step verification in Gmail, go to your device settings and choose Google > Manage your Google Account > choose the Security option. Select 2-Step Verification and Sign in. Finally, confirm and tap the Turn off option.

Why am I not getting my two step verification code?

If you are not receiving two step verification code, then check your carrier isn’t blocked. Then, verify whether your phone software is updated version. Also, disable any apps interfering with SMS messages.

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