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How to Activate Venmo Card



How to Activate Venmo Card

Venmo card operates on the Mastercard network. Based on your Venmo cards provides custom cashback rewards. As it is developed under peer-to-peer (P2P) payment, people opt for Venmo for ease of pace, simplicity, and convenient accessibility. Let’s start with guidance on how to activate a Venmo card for easy exchange of money.

activate Venmo card

Venmo Cards Pros & Cons

A unique QR code is available to link with the user’s account. There is no annual fee.Compared to other cards, Venmo cards offer less cashback percentage. (1% > 1.5%)
Users can gain payments for split bills with their credit card or their Venmo account.Some upgrades and benefits are available for only selected Venmo customers.
Customers can gain huge cash rewards automatically or retroactively, depending on the spending categories.It cannot be used worldwide as it is only available in the US.
It works as a cashback strategist for Venmo customers.$2.50 ATM withdrawal fee for outside ATM transactions.
Other benefits like Travel, emergency assistance services (Visa Signature only), and a 24/7 Visa Signature concierge (Visa Signature only).The Venmo card can trigger expensive overdraft fees to cover the transaction.

How to Get Venmo Card

[1] Open the Venmo app on your device.

[2] Navigate to the Settings section.

[3] Tap on the Venmo card section.

[4] You’ll see the whole rundown of card features on the next screen. Read it completely.

[5] Click on the Get the Venmo Card button.

[6] Next, pick any color of your choice and then fill in the details.

[7] Tap Next to agree with the Terms and Conditions.

[8] You’ve successfully applied for the Venmo card, which you will receive within 5-7 business days.

How to Activate Venmo Card [Online]

[1] Launch the Venmo app on your device.

[2] Navigate to the Menu icon in the upper right corner.

[3] Click on the Venmo card option.

[4] Hit the Activate button.

[5] Fill in the expiration date of the debit card on the required field.

[6] Now, enter the debit card number.

[7] Type the debit card’s CVV code twice to confirm and hit the Submit button.

click submit button to activate Venmo card

[8] A successful message pops up when your card is activated.

How to Activate Venmo Card [By Call]

By reaching out to the Venmo Help Center, you can activate the card without using the app. Dial 855-878-6462 to get assistance. With the help of expert guidance or real human instructions, your Venmo card will be activated spontaneously.

How to Add Funds to Venmo Account

[1] Launch the Venmo app on your smart device.

[2] Hover to the profile picture and tap on it.

[3] Click on the Manage Balance section.

[4] Enter the amount of money you wish to transfer to your Venmo account.

[5] Hit the Next button.

[6] Confirm the transaction details.

[7] Click on the Add Now button to initiate the transaction.

[8] Lastly, toggle on the Reload Automatically button to add funds to your Venmo card.

toggle on reload automatically option

How to Replace Lost/Stolen Venmo Card

In any case, if you’ve lost your Venmo card or your card was stolen, disable it quickly to prevent it from unauthorized transactions.

[1] Open the Venmo app.

[2] Head to the Venmo Debit Card section and then hit the Lost/Stolen icon.

[3] Click on the Deactivate Card option.

[4] If your card is disabled for further access, a prompt will be displayed.

Make most out of the Venmo Card

  • Make sure to check cashback rewards every now and then. With the valid eligible retailers or stores, you can avail of maximum benefits.
  • Withdraw less or strategize properly so that you can avoid fee charges.
  • To avoid overdraft charges, ensure you’ve enough amount to cover the transactions and linked with a reliable bank account.

In a nutshell, the Venmo card works as a virtual fiscal intermediary that offers certain benefits and perks for customers. In any case, if you’ve any queries, comment down below and send us feedback.


1. Can I use my Venmo card at an ATM?

Yes, you can use the Venmo card at any ATM.

2. Does Walmart accept Venmo?

Yes, Walmart accepts Venmo cards.

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