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How to Activate Visa Gift Card



How to Activate Visa Gift Card

The Visa gift card is issued by MetaBank at N.A. In the United States, Visa debit cards are accepted in most places that including gas stations, supermarkets, and also for online purchases. We can activate the card online or add the Visa gift card to their mobile wallet and use it as per convenience. It also offers some exclusive deals upto 5% cashback on selective stores. However, the Visa gift card has an expiry date, so we will have to use it in time. Unfortunately, any balance after the date of expiry cannot be used later on. Here are some reliable methods to activate my Visa Gift Card at ease.

How to Activate Visa Gift Card by Phone

Activate Visa Gift Card

1. The card usually has a sticker that has the number for activation initially.

2. So we can simply call that number and follow the automated direction. In the process, we might be asked to enter the Card’s account number and the card verification number that can be found on both sides of the card directly.

3. In case the card doesn’t have the sticker infront, then dial the toll-free number at the back of the gift card.

4. Follow the instructions given by the automated voice to activate the card. The Visa card comes with a PIN automatically assigned to it. So we will receive it at the time of activation.

5. If none of the above methods works, it is better to contact Visa directly as they would be able to assist them better.

6. Once the activation is done, the card can be used for in-store and online purchases.

How to Activate Visa Gift Card Online

activate visa gift card online

1. Open the web browser on your PC.

2. Navigate to the Visa official site and sign in with your Visa card account login credentials.

3. Search for the option to Activate Card option. By doing this, an Account Creation form pops up.

4. Type your Visa gift card number, expiration date, and the three-digit code in the specified field.

5. After entering the details, tap the Activate card button.

6. Once the card is activated, it will be ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

Open the Amazon app and click the Your Account tab. Tap Add Gift Card to your balance option. Select Add a gift card or add money to your gift card to use Visa Gift Card on Amazon. Tap Add money option and enter the Amount on your Visa gift card. Then follow the prompts to add and use a Visa Gift card on Amazon.

2. How to turn a Visa gift card into cash?

There are many ways to turn your Visa gift card into cash. You can sell your card to a gift card exchange website, add the gift card to the PayPal wallet or your Venoma account, or even you can pay your bill with the Visa gift card.

3. How to use a Visa gift card in-store?

You can use the Visa gift card like you use the credit card, simply swipe and make the payment at the store.

4. How to activate a Visa gift card vanilla?

If you purchase the card at, your card will be activated automatically. If not, activate the card by calling the toll-free number on your card. Similar to Vanilla, you can also activate other gift cards like Target,

5. How to use a Visa gift card online?

If you want to use your card for online purchases on platforms that include Shein and Walmart, you need to enter your card number, CVV, and the card expiry date during the payment process. Sometimes you will be asked to enter the name of your card and type Gift card in the given field. You can use the online method to activate the Visa gift card for any country like Australia and Canada.

6. Can we use the Visa gift card for gaming?

Yes, we can redeem the Visa gift card to purchase games on Roblox, Steam, PS4, and Xbox. This can be done just like using any other payment method.

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