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How to Activate Wow Presents Plus on Different Devices



Activate Wow Presents Plus

The Wow Present Plus is a popular and the only streaming platform that presents RuPaul’s Drag Race, Wow Originals, Werq the World, LGBTQ-related documentaries, and more. In addition, it merchandise products like pins, t-shirts, lamps, hoodies, joggers, backdrops, etc., The platform comes with a subscription model, where you can access unlimited content and features. You can sign in and activate your Wow Presents Plus account if you want to watch different content. You can stream and watch the content on both the browser and app. The app is compatible with many devices like smartphones, Smart TVs, and tablets.

Supported Devices

  • Roku TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox
  • Android TV
  • Samsung and Tizen Smart TV
  • iOS and Android device

Wow Presents Plus Subscription Plans

The Wow Present Plus comes with two subscription plans.

  • Monthly -$4.99
  • Yearly – $49.99

You can cancel your subscription plans at any time you wish.

How to Install Wow Presents Plus on Different Devices

You can download and install the Wow Presents Plus app on multiple devices as they have a native application on all platforms. Mostly, you can download the app from the respective stores.


1. Turn on your Roku TV or Roku streaming device, and go to the home screen.

2. Click on the Streaming Channels option from the menu.

Streaming Channel on Roku TV

3. Locate the Search Channel option and access Roku’s Channel Store.

Wow Presents Plus app on Roku

4. Enter Wow Presents Plus on the search bar using the on-screen keyboard and proceed further by clicking on Add Channel.

5. The channel will be added to the device. Launch the app

6. Select the Sign In option and note down the Activation code.

Amazon Fire TV

1. Turn on the Fire TV.

App Store on Amazon Fire TV

2. Go to the Amazon App Store using your Fire TV remote and type Wow Presents Plus on the search bar.

Wow Presents Plus on Amazon App Store

3. Select the app from the search results and click on Download. Now, proceed further by installing it on your device.

4. Launch the app on your Fire TV.

5. Now, you can Sign In and get the Activation code.

Apple TV

1. Go to App Store on your Apple TV.

App Store on Apple TV

2. Enter Wow Presents Plus in the search bar.

Wow Present Plus on Apple TV

3. Select the app and install it on your device.

4. Launch the app, and select the Sign in option.

5. Now, make a note of the Activation Code.


[1]. Go to the Microsoft App store in Xbox and search for Wow Presents Plus.

Wow Presents Plus on Xbox

2. Add the application to your Xbox device.

3. Open the application, sign in to get the Activation code.

Android TV

Unfortunately, not all Android TVs are compatible with the Wow Presents Plus app. If your TV doesn’t support the app, you can access Wow Present Plus using the browser on your Android TV.

1. Go to the Play Store and enter Wow Presents Plus in the search bar using the virtual keyboard.

Wow Present Plus on Play Store

2. Search for the app, and click on Install.

3. After downloading, open the app and note the Activation code by signing in.

Samsung Smart TV

1. Turn ON the Smart TV and navigate to the home screen.

2. Tap the Smart Hub button on your Samsung remote and go to Apps.

Apps on Tizen or Samsung TV

3. In the Search bar, enter and search for the Wow Presents Plus app.

4. Download and install it on your device.

5. Sign In to the app and get the Activation code.

How to Activate Wow Presents Plus App on All Streaming Devices

Once you are signed in to the app, you will get an activation code. With the help of the activation code, you can activate the Wow Presents Plus on your respective device.

[1]. After launching the Wow Presents Plus App, hit the sign in option on your respective device to get the activation code.

[2]. Visit the Wow Presents Plus activation page ( on your computer or smartphone.

[3]. Enter your Email Address and proceed further by clicking on the Next button.

Wow Presents Plus Activation Page

[4]. Next, enter the Password and the Activation Code to complete the activation process.

That’s it! The device connected to the Wow Present Plus gets refreshed, and you can start watching the content.

How to Activate Wow Presents Plus App on Mobile Devices

1. Install the Wow Present Plus app on your smartphone from Play Store or App Store.

2. Launch the app and click on Subscribe.

3. Choose a subscription plan Monthly or Yearly.

4. Type your name and email address (Google Play Account credentials for Android devices).

5. Next, it will prompt you to log in to Google Play Store (For Android devices).

6. Enter the necessary details for the payment and confirm.

7. Once you confirm your purchase, you can begin to watch your favorite content.

8. You will also receive an email acknowledgment from the Play Store or App Store, allowing us to watch it across any compatible device.

Useful Links


1. Can we use Wow Presents Plus Promo codes?

Multiple sites are offering active promo codes on the internet. So, you can check the active & hot promo codes and use them before subscribing to the plans.

3. How to fix Wow Presents Plus not working?

If the app is not working, try to restart the app and the device. If that does not fix the issue, reinstall the app or clear the cache on the device.

4. Can you get Wow Presents Plus on PS4?

Unfortunately, the Wow Present Plus app doesn’t support PS4. But, you can stream Wow Presents Plus using the browser.

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