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How to Activate xFi Pods



How to Activate xFi Pods

xFi Pod is a device that is used to create a mesh WiFi network at your home. The Pods remove the area where WiFi coverage is weak and provides more consistent WiFi coverage all over your home. Similar to Xfinity Stream, you need to activate your xFi Pods. Further, to activate your xFi pods, your Gateway must be in the bridge mode.

Table of Contents

How to Activate xFi Pods Using Xfinity App

1. Initially, download and install the Xfinity app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store or App Store.

install the Xfinity app on your mobile

2. Once you install the app, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.

3. Open the app and sign in with your Xfinity ID.

4. Tap the Profile icon.

click the profile icon

5. Select Devices and click the Activate xFi Pods option.

tap Activate xFi Pods

6. Pick the xFi Pod you need to activate.

select the Pod you need to activate

7. Tap the Get Started button to begin the activation process.

tap get started to activate xFi Pods

8. If you have connected the 1st generation xFi Pods already, you need to unplug it. Then, click the Unplugged, Let’s Go button.

tap Unplugged, Let Go to activate new xFi Pods

Steps to Activate xFi Pods

1. Plug in the first Pod in the electrical outlet at your home.

2. Now, tap the Next button to go through the tips on Pod placement.

tap next to go through the Pod placement tips

3. Keep your phone 6 inches away from your first Pod and make sure the Xfinity app can associate with the Pods with your account.

hold your phone near the pod to Activate xFi Pods

4. Connect the first Pod to the Gateway.

5. If you have more than one Pod, plug in all the Pods in the electrical outlet throughout your home. The outlet distance must be halfway between your Gateway and the area without coverage.

6. After you plugin the rest of the Pods, click the All Pods Ready to Go button.

tap All Pods ready to go to activate other xFi Pods

7. Now, all the Podds be online.

8. Once all the Pods are connected, tap Name Your Pods.

name your xFi Pods to activate it

9. Once the app identifies the Pod, you can type the name of the Pod.

type the name of the Pod

10. Next, click the Confirm Name button and repeat the steps to name all other Pods.

11. After you finish naming all the Pods, click the Finish Setup button.

tap finish set up to complete the activation process

12. On the Overview page, you will get the status of xFi Pods and Gateway.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are my xFi Pods not connecting?

Change the power outlet and try again. Make sure the xFi Pods are not blocked by other devices.

2. How do I set up Xfinity Pod without the app?

Without the Xfinity app, you can’t set up the xFi Pods.

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