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How to Reactivate Skype Credit [Online]



Reactivate Skype Credit

Skype Credit offers the benefit of pay-as-you-go, a convenient and quick way to pay for calls at lower rates. So it would be useful for those who make lesser calls and pay for their usage. However, your Skype Credits will be deactivated if you are inactive for more than 180 days. In that case, you need to reactivate the Skype Credit from the official website.

Table of Contents

How to Reactivate Skype Credit on Website

1. Go to the Skype website ( on any web browser on your Windows or Mac PC.

2. Click the Sign In button on the top right of the webpage.

Skype website

3. On the pop-up, click the My Account option.

Sign in to Skype website

4. Enter your Skype mail ID and click the Next button. Then, complete the login process.

Enter Skype email to reactivate credits

5. Go to the Settings menu and choose the Account & Profile option.

6. Then, choose Your Account from the available option.

Skype account settings

7. Now, you will see a notification on your screen that Your Skype credit is inactive, followed by a text link, Reactivate it now.

Click the Reactivate it now button

8. Tap on that link to Reactivate it now. Now, you will be taken to the Skype Credit screen.

9. On the Skype Credit Page, hit the Reactivate Credit button.

Click Reactivate Cretit button on Skype website

10. Further, you will be taken to the confirmation page. It may take more than 15 minutes to complete the reactivation process.

7. Once the Skype Credit reactivate process is over or done, you will receive a confirmation email from Skype.

If you don’t see any Credit option on your Skype page, you need to contact Skype customer support to get your credits. They will send you an email with the link to reactivate your credit. Once you reactivate your Skype credit, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Remember, you can reactivate the Skype Credits only on the website. You can’t use the Skype app on Android or iPhone to get the credits. You need to use the Skype website. Similarly, you can reactivate your Instagram account from the Instagram website.

Why My Skype Credit is Deactivated?

If your inactive Skype is inactive for more than 180 days, the Skype Credits will automatically be deactivated from your account. If you haven’t sent or received a message on Skype for 180 straight days, all the credits associated with your Skype account will be deactivated. So, make sure to send a message or make a call to your friends or family at least once in 180 days to keep your credits intact.

When your credits are about to expire, Skype will remind you about the deactivation. You will get two emails from Skype, 7 days before the activation and 2 days before the activation. This is your wake-up call. Text someone on Skype or call someone; otherwise, you will lose your credits. You can also check your Skype profile every once in a while to know about the credit deactivation limit.


1. How do I reactivate Skype on an Android smartphone?

You can’t reactivate the Skype credit using your Android smartphone. You need to use the website.

2. Will activation of Microsoft Office reactivate my Skype Credits?

No, activating Microsoft Office had nothing to do with your Skype Credits. You need to reactivate the credits from the Skype website.

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